Shift and Attendance

Updated At: 2017-06-09


Shifts are scheduled plans for future work. For example, a manager can schedule each employee's shifts in their assigned location calendar. Employees can view their scheduled shifts on Shiftee mobile app and check for any changes in real-time.


Literally, it's an employee's recorded attendance. Employees can clock-in and out via Shiftee mobile app on their smart phone only when connected to the store's wifi. These records created by employees timeclock activities can be managed by Supervisor, Manager, and Owner Access Levels.

Relationship of Shift and Attendances.

While shift is a plan, attendance is a record of how the plan went. Like we plan and also record the process to review later, attendances in Shiftee are matched against shifts so that you can review how an employee behaves in regards to diligence and tardiness. Likewise, shift and attendance are closely related to each other and Shiftee can offer lots of benefits by matching them in the database. As a result, Shiftee can identify which employee is late, absent, or working overtime.

For example, when a current or past shift does not have any attendance linked, it's considered as late or absent. When an employee does not clock-out after planned shift end-time, Shiftee will see it as overtime. (Owner Access Level can customize the option for "Auto Clock-out when an employee doesn't clock-out for certain duration after shift end-time.)

Benefits of Linking Shift and Attendance

  • Send a late notification to management and a late employee when he/she does not clock-in within 10 minutes of shift start-time.
  • Send a forgot-to-clock-out/overtime notification when he/she does not clock-out within 10 minutes of shift end-time.
  • Record a shift as absent when an ended shift lacks an attendance.
  • When an employee clocks-out before shift end-time, mark the attendance as an early clock-out.

A product or solution which simply records clock-in and clock-out cannot offer you these benefits. Shiftee seamlessly integrates these two databases to provide the superior service to clients.

All-in-One Mobile App

While some solutions provide two different mobile apps for each scheduler and timeclock attendance, Shiftee has it all-in-one. You do not have to switch between apps for scheduling and attendance checking activities.

Use Shiftee for all your scheduling and timeclock needs.

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