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Updated At: 2018-02-28

If you have used Shiftee for an entire month, you may need to have all attendance records exported in Excel for further processing (e.g. analysis, reporting, ERP/accounting system upload, etc). No matter which business you're in, Excel plays a crucial role in processing many tasks. Shiftee lets you export all attendance data along with payroll details. In this article, we will learn about the spreadsheet downloaded by pressing ‘Payroll Export to Excel’ in Attendance page of Web Admin.

Shiftee Payroll Export to Excel


The columns would include the following items:

(Keep in mind that Shiftee uses Payroll-Time-Unit-adjusted time to calculate payroll. It can be set in Company Settings under Payroll.)

Let's take a deeper look at some of these cells. You will find cells that have formula and functions within. It would be a shame to download attendance and payroll records with no excel formula and functions. If you are using a timeclock attendance software that only exports values without formula, you will have to change every related cell once you change either clock-in or clock-out time.

Currently, Shiftee provides the following additional columns with functions applied to users in Korea:

  • overtime hours / pay
  • late-night hours / pay
  • holiday hours / pay
  • weekly-paid-holiday-pay

If you need any of these items for your region/country, please request via email at


The rows will show all selected employees' attendances in alphabetical and chronological order.

  • Subtotal is located at the first row under the column titles. Subtotals all visible cells in the spreadsheet. Filter by employee to process a specific employee's attendance and payroll.
  • Attendances shows all clocked-in attendances
  • Absence is indicated by showing shifts that have no clock-in. So these rows would have empty cells under clock-in/out time.

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