Payroll Time Unit

Updated At: 2017-07-31

After you implement any timeclock attendance system to your business, you may see some employees arriving early and clocking-in early or clocking-out late by a few minutes. If you have 20 employees clocking-in 5 minutes early and clocking-out 5 minutes late five times a month, it accumulates to 1000 minutes which converts to 16hours. If you pay an employee $20 per hour, that's exxtra $320 labour cost per month.

Shiftee allows you to set Payroll Time Unit which can be applied when you process payroll. ‘Owner’ can change the following settings in ‘Company Settings’ in Web Admin: - Round up/down clock-in time to the nearest ___ minutes - Round up/down clock-out time to the nearest ___ minutes - Round up/down total break time to the nearest ___ minutes

payroll time unit

Above screenshot is the default setting when you first create a company. If you wish to use exact clock-in/out time for payroll, please change each of them to ‘Round down to the nearest 1 minutes’

These settings will be applied to base pay only when you ‘Payroll Export to Excel’.

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