Request to Edit or Create a Shift

Updated At: 2018-06-22

Employee scheduling is a promise between a company and an employee regarding a shift. The purpose is to ensure that employees will fulfill their schedule based on planned hours of work. Managers generally plan their staff work schedules every month because many workplaces schedule employees based on a fixed number of workdays and day-offs in a month. Based on this condition, you will be able to schedule employees when to come in, how many hours to work and which days to take day-offs.

As all plans do not really happen accordingly, employees may need to work overtime or work on a holiday. Many companies allow employees to make a request to change schedule then manager to pre-approve. The concept of planned(promised) work schedule is a key to prevent and control overtime and holiday work even in office work setting. Shiftee's scheduler's request feature provides a means to handle overtime, holiday work, or other schedule changes.

  • Request to edit a shift:
    Request to edit start-time or end-time => If an overtime work or early clock-in is expected, have an edit-shift request pre-approved.
  • Request to create a shift:
    Request to create a new shift => If you expect to work on a holiday or on a day-off, get a pre-approval of your create-shift request.

Procedure to Edit/Create A Shift

  1. Via Shiftee mobile app, an employee sends a request to a manager in charge to edit or create a shift. You can choose whom can approve.
  2. Supervisor/manager/owner access level can view the list of requests that are pending for his/her approval.
  3. Open a request and select [Approve]/[Reject] to edit or create a shift.

Learn more about Shiftee's access levels.

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