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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, Shiftee is currently provided for free if your business operation is headquartered outside of Korea.
Nope. We do not restrict any features in free version. You can enjoy all features of Shiftee with the free plan.
Yes. You can create multiple companies and also add multiple locations in each company. Each employee may be assigned to multiple locations as well.
Yes. For example, if an employee works at location A and B and has to clock-in at either location for a shift, assign both location A and B to the employee.

For more information, please refer to Multiple Locations help article.
You can reset employee's bound device on mobile app or at Web Admin.

PC: Log into Web Admin then open [Employees] and click smartphone icon located at the far right of the employee row. Click [Reset Device].
Mobile: Tab [More] - [Employees] - Open the employee's profile - Tab [Device Reset] at the bottom.

Once reset, 'Device bound' should turn from 'O' to 'X'.

*Shiftee will, again, bind the new device employee uses as he/she connects to your company.
*Learn more about Employee Device Binding.